Not Just A White Sheet Photoshoot – Atlanta Boudoir

A white sheet photoshoot is timeless. Add colored satin sheets or textured fabrics and you’ve got an even more memorable photo session with lots of options to choose from.

What is a White Sheet Photoshoot?

We like to refer to our sheeted sessions as Just The Sheets since we use more than just white sheets. We’ve got an array of freshly laundered satin sheets in many colors that we keep in the studio just in case one of our gals decides that she wants to add this super sexy look to her session.

Boudoir photo with a black woman in a blue satin sheet. White sheet photoshoot.

Why should you do a Just The Sheets look?

For one, sheets have no size limit. So they look great on anybody! Not only that, a sheeted look is more focused on you and not the bold and beautiful Savage Fenty teddy you brought with you. And lets not forget how versatile this option is. You can be as covered or as exposed as you want, and can do all types of poses in a sheet. You can pose standing, sitting or lying down – the looks are endless!

boudoir photo showing a black woman wrapped in a gold satin sheet


boudoir photoshoot showing a black woman with a dark green satin sheet


a boudoir photo session showing a black woman wrapped in a blue satin sheet


a boudoir photo showing a black woman holding a red satin sheet sitting on a bed


Of course, if you truly want to use white sheets we’ve got those too! We also have a variety of textured fabrics and furs for you to use as well.

a boudoir photoshoot showing a fit woman with a white lace sheet held to her body


boudoir photoshoot showing a mature woman holding gold and black fabric to her body in front of a window


a boudoir photo showing a nude woman lying on a glittery purple sheet


If requested, I usually do the Just The Sheets look at the very end of your session. If you’d like to book a session, remember a Just The Sheets look is always an option for you!


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Karice Danae is an award winning, published boudoir & beauty photographer based in Roswell, Georgia about 20 minutes north of Atlanta.

Her work can seen in issues of Looks Like Film, Toffee & Honey, Retro Lovely Magazine, True Self Magazine and Venus Cult Magazine.