Grounding Techniques – Atlanta Boudoir Experience

Getting in front of the camera can be very scary. Especially when it comes to something as vulnerable and personal as a boudoir photo session.  It’s completely normal to be nervous before and during your experience. However, there are Grounding Techniques or actions that you can perform before and during your session that can help ground you and calm those nerves.

What the heck are Grounding Techniques?

A Grounding Technique is described as the use of mental distractions to help redirect your thoughts away from distressing feelings.


Why is it good for boudoir?

As stated above, A boudoir experience can be nerve wracking to say the least. Using these actions before and during your session can help you be less nervous and more in the present and aware of your emotions. It can be a part of the healing process and can be quite rewarding.

Here are some of the Grounding Techniques that I would recommend if you are planning to do a boudoir photo session (or just for everyday life in general).


Sensual Movements

Sensual Movement or Sensual Dancing is probably my favorite of all on this list. It involves dancing intentionally, by yourself in a way that allows your body to move fluidly as it wants. There is no choreography required and you can do this whenever you feel the need. You can simply put on some sensual, sexy music and let your body feel the sounds. This is good for really connecting with your body and your sensuality. First time? Try following this video to get an idea of what Sensual Movement is: Click Me!


burn incents for relaxation

Burn Incents or Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is heavily connected to our feelings and emotions. Scents such as lavender, lemon or sage can be very calming and can be quite useful when trying to relax your nerves. Try an aromatherapy routine the night before your session to help you relax and prepare for your boudoir experience. But be cautious, scent sensitivity is a real thing and some people experience certain discomforts and can be overwhelmed by some scents. It’s best to experiment way ahead of time, so that you know for sure how these scents will affect you.

Recite Mantras

This is a good one to use during your session. Lets say you feel yourself overthinking. Or maybe you feel a little bit insecure and wonder if you can get through the whole session. Say this to yourself “I am worthy. I am beautiful just the way I am. I thank my body for everything that it does for me”. We can even take a brief break if needed and we can say these mantra together. Never hesitate to communicate your feelings with me during your session. It’s all part of the healing process.


This may seem like common sense. But you’d be surprised at the amount of times I have to tell my clients to breath during a session. When feeling nervous or when trying to hold a pose, we tend to tense up and hold our breath. However, breathing through it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Not to mention, exhaling also helps your face look naturally sensual during your session and makes for some amazing photos. So don’t hold your breath. Remember to breath.


butterfly hug

Butterfly Hugs

This is something you should do whenever you are feeling anxious or need grounding. A butterfly hug or self love hug is a sensory grounding action and self soothing technique that involves touch. Here is a good video demonstrating how to do a butterfly hug: Click Me!

Self Massage

This is another favorite of mine and foot rubs are my jam! You can start by massaging your own hands and arms, slowly moving up to your shoulders and neck. You can gently massage your feet, legs and thighs or anywhere you feel the need to. This is a very relaxing technique and something you should be doing regularly.


body tracing during a boudoir session

Body Tracing

We will actually do some of this during your session since this can result in some amazing poses, especially if you are doing a boudoir video (don’t worry, I will be directing your movements during your session).  But if you’d like to try this on your own – with your hands, start at the back of your head and gently trace a path down your neck. You can continue on as you please. You can branch out over your shoulders and arms. Or continue the tracing down through your cleavage, stomach, over your hips and slowly bring your hands back up again. This is a very relaxing technique and a very good way to reconnect with your body and your sensuality.

I sincerely hope this helps as I know preparing for a boudoir session is daunting at times and being nervous about it is normal. Feel free to reach out to me if you have tried any of these techniques before. I’d love to know if they’ve helped you 🙂




Karice Danae is an award winning, published boudoir & beauty photographer based in Roswell, Georgia about 20 minutes north of Atlanta.

Her work can seen in issues of Looks Like Film, Toffee & Honey, Retro Lovely Magazine, True Self Magazine and Venus Cult Magazine.